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Eranthis pinnatifida Maxim.

Bull. Acad. Imp. Sci. Saint-Pétersbourg xxii. (1877) 225.

Synonyms: Shibateranthis pinnatifida, Eranthis keiskei

Illustrations: The Rock Garden, vol 25., p. 231;

Distribution: According to Ohwi Eranthis pinnatifida is distributed on Japanese Honshu from Kanto and westwards.

Maybe the most well known of the white flowering species. Sepals are pure white, thin like tissue paper and slightly transparent, overlapping or nearly so. Numerous bifid petals with golden yellow spots on each tip, thus easily distinguished from Eranthis byunsanensis with funnel shaped petals. Bracts of involucre are or 1-2 pinnatifid and linear to lanceolate. Rhizome (tuber) globose.

Eranthis pinnatifida is a lowland species so it should be advisable to grow it protected from strong cold, it may be best suited for an alpine house. I grow it in pot with regular peat compost inside greenhouse.

8: distribution of Eranthis pinnatifida (Ohwi)

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